What Does it Mean to Host a Party with Me?

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Hosting a party with your favorite direct sales company has a lot of perks, and sometimes a lot of headaches. There are a few amazing reasons why hosting party is awesome. AND there are also so many different ways that you can “party.” This post will share the benefits as well as the different ways I support my hostesses.

As a Color Street stylist, I’m sharing ways that I run parties and experiences I try and make. This might not be true of all Color Street stylists or other companies.

Why Host a Party

1️⃣ Earn discounted and free products! This is the most obvious and standard perk across the board. You’ll have the opportunity to get some of your favorite products at a cheaper rate.

2️⃣ Reconnect with your friends (near and far). If you have been looking for a reason to get your friends together, then this could be it. Have some fun, let me spoil your friends, and enjoy some shopping time with your besties.

3️⃣ Support a friend’s personal small business. As direct sellers, we run our businesses how we want to. And we earn a direct commission based off of what your party purchases. At Color Street, we get paid out weekly commissions based off of the sales we make. You can feel confident knowing that you’re directly supporting someone specific.

4️⃣ Get spoiled by your consultant. I love to spoil my hostesses and set you up for success. That includes sending you samples, catalogs and more so you can spoil your guests. Plus, depending on the time of year, I sometimes offer extra bonuses for my hostess. Join my VIP group or email list to make sure you get notified.

5️⃣ Try new products you’ve been wanting to try. Using your rewards from your party is a great way to try something you’ve had your eye on. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try our cheek or lip products. This is your chance!

Why You Might Say No

1️⃣ You don’t know enough people. In most situations it only takes 2-3 people placing orders to qualify for rewards. Plus, if you time your party around an event or holiday when you want to purchase as well, then your order goes towards your awards. At Color Street you start to earn rewards when you have 3 orders that total more than $150 USD. Generally it only takes 10 people joining your party to get there.

2️⃣ You don’t want to pester your friends. Asking your friends to join your party or to shop on your behalf is more comfortable for some than others. I help you with language to invite your friends. Because there are several different ways you can party, we’ll chat to find the right fit for you.

3️⃣ Your friends aren’t on social media. No worries! We can do parties in a ton of different ways so keep on reading!

Different Ways to Party

There are so many different ways you can set up your event so that it fits your style and personality. Choose one of these below, mix and match them, or hit me up with any idea you think would be fun.

1️⃣ Virtual or Inperson! The beauty of life these days is that you can connect in person or virtually. 

Use this as an excuse for a Girls Night In. Invite your favorite girlfriends over, a few bottles wine, appetizers, and personalized shopping. In person is always a great way to get hands on with the product, and try out products you haven’t had the chance to yet. 

Virtually, parties are most commonly thrown on Facebook. Join my party group and I’ll host a one-day party just for you. I share information about the brand, we play some games, and you know there are tons of giveaways and surprises. All you have to do is invite your friends and I’ll take care of the rest.

2️⃣ Scroll Party This is a mini one-page website just for you. It includes information about Color Street and features products. You can share the link with friends and family via text, email, social media, etc.

It includes your personal shopping link to make things super easy for them to support you.

3️⃣ Live Zoom Don’t want to hold a party on Facebook? Zoom is a great way to get people together, see a live demo, and learn more about the products. You can socialize with friends and family near and far, grab your favorite beverage, make a snack together, and have a girls night in virtually. It’s super fun to all hang out and learn more abou the product and get some personalized shopping with me.

4️⃣ Text Parties are a great way to get the information dripped out over a few days. Your guests will get 2-3 texts per day for 4 days with information about the products. Each one will include shopping links so they can shop easily when they want. This can also be done in a Facebook Messenger group.


When you have a product you love, hosting a party is a great way to get more of them for free or discounted. With me, I take on all the work and you get to sit back and have fun with your friends. I’ll guide you every step of the. wayto make it easy! So, are you ready to book your party? Email me and we’ll get it set up!