Tips for Setting Up Great Collaborations

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Collaborations are an incredible way to build your audience faster. However, not all collaborations are the same. If you don’t create the right partnerships, it can even do more damage for your business.

So what makes a great collaboration. I’m giving you my best tips! The key thing to remember in evaluating which collaborations are the right ones for you will be determined by these factors.

Determine Your Audience

The key thing to a great collaboration is ensuring your audiences are aligned. Getting a lot of new people into your network is great, but means nothing if they aren’t going to purchase from you. This is a critical element for all involved parties to be clear on.

Know Your Goals

Each collaboration can have different goals. These could be:

  • email list growth.
  • sales.
  • registrations to another event.
  • referrals.

There is no right or wrong answer here. Having a partnership where the goals aren’t the same can make one. ormore parties involved feel like the didn’t get what they wanted out of it.

Set Clear Expectations

Each person brings their own skill set to the collaboration. They also each bring their own audience size and willingness to promote. A successful collaboration comes from a real conversation around what each person will bring to the table, promotional plans and followup. Don’t forget the followup!!

The biggest mistake I see is when even the smallest details aren’t addressed and one or more people feel like they’re doing “all the work.”

Do Your Research

Look into the people that you’re doing the collaboration with. You’re going to be sharing your audience with them and want them to be in good hands! If you’re doing a lot of collaborations you might even think about creating a simple Google Form with key questions you care about in partner.

Feel Free to Say No or Not Right Now

Sometimes a great opportunity will come your way, but the timing isn’t the best. You might be in the middle of a different promotion or maybe it’s not a great time in your personal life. When you say yes to something you don’t have the capacity to do in the moment that makes for a sour collaboration. 

Be honest with yourself, and those you’re partnering with. You’d want them to do the same for you. If it’s not the right time, say so! Even better, make suggestions for times that might be better and get it on the calendar.

Fun Ways to Collaborate

Now that you have the tips for creating collaborations, here are some fun ways you can collaborate to grow your audience.

  • Create a referral program.
  • Go live in each other’s social media groups.
  • Do an email swap promoting products.
  • Work an event together.
  • Create your own event online or inperson.
  • Start a fundraiser.

There are unlimited ways you can collaborate. Get creative, think outside the box, but most importantly HAVE FUN!