Tips for Looking Good on Camera

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It’s been months and months of being on zoom calls. Some calls I don’t have to be looking super professional but there are definitely days that I need to bring my A game. I’ve also been creating new video content for an online course so making sure I look good on camera is important for that as well.

There are definitely some basic best practices for getting that right look on camera. I’m by no means an expert but still thought I’d share some of my tips with you. These tips can be used for video or for taking still photography!


Great lighting is definitely important. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go out and get a fancy light! Here are a few tips you can use.


  1. Natural light is always best. If you can sit in front of a window that’s great! If you’re sitting outside try and find some shade. While natural light is great you don’t want to be directly in the sun. Cloudy days are actually the best!
  2. Make sure your lit up on both sides. If you have a lot of light coming from only one side it’ll cast a shadow on you.
  3. Avoide backlighting. This is when the light is right behind you. This could be a lamp or a window. It’s going to make you look really dark.


Yes, you can totally use a virtual background if you’re on zoom. But for me I get frustrated with my disappearing arts and it’s hard to not think about sitting still so I don’t look weird.

When it comes to video, have a background that’s clean and simple. Try not to have anything too busy or distracting.

When it comes to photos, the same rings true. Keep it clean and simple. 

Camera Angle

The angle you use can make a big difference. For video you’ll want to make sure you camera is eye level. That way you’re looking people in the eye during your calls. You also don’t want to have the camera too close to your face. Have some space between you and the camera so the perspective is more natural.

Personal Appearance

    Those that know me well know that while I might look professional on top, you know I’m rocking yoga pants and fuzzy slippers! There are some tips that I use when I’m on a video call.


    1. Filters – now I don’t like to go too crazy but using zoom to touch up my appearance is never a bad thing. You can find this by going to your video settings. Most platforms that have video have several different filter options.
    2. Solid colors – I love to make sure I’m wearing something solid in color. Patterns can sometimes get weird on video and make people dizzy. I also like to make sure I’m wearing a more neutral color, something not too bright. Tan colors can also make it look like you’re not wearing anything at all!!
    3. Quick and simple makeup. I love a great bronzer and a light lip gloss.
    4. Of course, my Color Street nails! I always feel more confident when my nails look on point. I love moving my hands when I talk and this just makes me feel pulled together and gorgeous.

    I hope these tips have been helpful for you. And if you have some amazing tips I didn’t include here please let me know!!! I’m always learning and would love to know what your go to video tips and tricks are!