Tips for Creating a Team Culture That Scales

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Team culture is huge, and that is across all industries. The culture in your office (virtual or in person) makes a huge difference with retention, productivity, and hitting your goals.

There are some common things that the best teams have in common and it often starts with leadershp.

Live and Breathe Your Value Statements

The values we designate for our business help us make decisions, create content, decide on who we collaborate with, and how we show up. No matter the size of your team or business, these value statements are critical!

For example, the values of Easy Style with Sami are:

๐ŸŒŸ inspirational
๐ŸŒŸ be vulnerable
๐ŸŒŸ open-minded
๐ŸŒŸ be curious
๐ŸŒŸ have fun

There is no right or wrong answer here. Your values will help you attract team members that are in alignment and also help you show up and lead by example.

Lead by Example

Culture starts from the top down. The way you show up sets the stage for how the rest of your team shows up. It also tells new team members how to engage.

If you are constantly complaining and making excuses, then the team will do the same. If you’re showing up how you want the rest of your team to show up they’ll naturally fall in line. When we know what to expect it makes things so much easier.

Drop the Ego

Everyone has their own set of skills that they come to the table with. Some you probably don’t even know about yet! How do you encourage and foster communication and learning within your team? You drop your ego!

There is no way you know everything there is to know about your company, growing your business, etc. Who knows what you’ll learn from your team that can help you grow. Great ideas come when you foster an environment of collaboration. Plus, it helps you because you don’t have to carry the load all by yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Tough Conversations

One person can make a major negative impact on your team. You know the person! Always leaving negative comments. Not adding value to the conversation. Gossiping about other teammates. Unfortunately, one negative person can make a bigger ripple effect than five positive people.

While it’s uncomfortable to have conversations with those people, its critical to keeping the culture you want going. Often, the person doesn’t feel heard or is frustrated with something inside the company.

Start by asking them if they need support somewhere. Ask them where their frustrations are coming from. Share the culture that you’re trying to create and ask them if they see themselves enjoying that. Finally, if after this conversation they don’t seem like it’s what they want, offer to help them move on to something else.

The simple act of asking questions and listening and really do incredible things.

Clearly Display and Communicate the Culture

It takes customers 15-20 times to see a product or message before it really sinks in. So why would we think that our team would be any different when it comes to team culture!

Team culture is often talked about at the beginning of the relationship. Whereย  do people go when they are needing a refresher or growing their own teams?

Keep your values statments somewhere people can easily find them.


These tips will help you build the team you love to be around and teammates that will support each other. The key is that it takes consistent work. Showing up every day modeling for your team will help tremendously.

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