Tips for Applying Color Street Nails

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I can’t believe how often I have customers purchase some nails and are too scared to put them on. I get it – if you’ve never tired them then it can be scary. I promise you it’s easy but yes, it doest take a little practice. 

I’m sharing some tips for application that I have found useful and I hop you do too! But before I get into that, for my true newbies here is a quick video that shows just how easy application can be.

Tip #1 – No lotions or creams at least 30 minutes prior

You’ll want to make sure your hands don’t have anything on them that can cause the strips not to stick to your nails. This means no lotion, nail stregnthening creams or cuticle oils before you apply. Bonus here is to wash your hands with Dawn dish soap, or something similar, to remove any excess oils.


Tip #2 – Check the temperature of your strips

It’s important that your strips aren’t too cold or too warm. If they’re too cold they won’t be as easy to manipulate around your nails. If they’re too warm they’ll be too gooey and sticky. You want to make sure they’re room temperature.

If they aren’t warm enough then sit on them or hold thim between your hands for a bit. If they’re too warm, stick them in the fridge for a bit.

Tip #3 – Get your cuticles ready

Push back your cuticles before you start. One tip I love is to keep a cuticle pusher in your shower. Then push them back while they’re soft and warm. I love a plastic cuticle pusher.

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Tip #4 – Try a glitter first

Our glitter strips tend to be a bit more forgiving. They hide nail imperfections a bit more and are easier to manipulate.  Plus they’re so much fun!!!

Tip #5 – Use a glass file

When it comes to cleaning up I definitely recommend a glass nail file. They are so much easier on your nails (and easier to use).

Tip #6 – Double up (or use Clear as Day)

Doubling up on your strips can really help with the longevity of your mani, especialy with solids. It does also change the color of your mani (slightly). If you dont’t want ot make the color darker then Clear as Day is a great option. It’s a clear strip that you can put ontop of any mani. The other benefit is that it has 2 sets of 16 strips in each package. When doubling up on strips try and wait 30 minutes between applications.

Tip #7 – Thumbs last

Your thumbs are your best tool. Make sure to do them last so you can preserve the look of those nails. I love using my thumbnails to perforate my strips.

Tip #8 – Do it at night

While the strips are dry immediately, they do take 30 minutes to cure. I like doing my manis at night, and letting them be a little messy. Then in the morning, after they’ve had time to cure, I can clean them up. Usually I do this right after I get out of the shower.


There you have it! My quick tips for that amazing mani! Let me know what your favorite tip is or if you have a great tip to share with us all.