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[Intro] Welcome to Easy Style with Sami. I’m your host Sami Bedell-Mulhern. Each episode, I invite a friend, family member or colleague or just someone I’ve met on this journey called life to come and share their personal style and approach to business, parenting, life and everything in between. You’ll hear motivational and inspirational stories that will help you refine and build your own personal style. Remember, style is easy when it comes from within.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] Hello, hello, Sami here with another episode of the easy style with Sammy podcast. And today, I’m all by myself. I wanted to come here for episode 25. And just kind of share a couple of things where we’re headed with this podcast and why we’re taking a bit of a hiatus. So it’s summertime. And summer is busy. And schedules are crazy, because so many things are going on with a variety of summer camps and kids schedules and work and things are just kind of all over the place. And so I am really making an effort to pause and make sure that I’m making time and space for these precious summers with my kiddos. So that means that we’re taking a bit of a break, and not having any new podcast episodes for the month of July and August. But we will be back in September. So here’s the thing. Here’s what I have learned, as I’ve been doing this podcast, I have loved these conversations, I have loved the reminders to show up to be myself to go after the life that I want to have the style that I want to be reminded of the things that are important to me. And I’ve been reminded by my friends, my colleagues, new people that I’ve just met. And it’s been a wonderful experience. And I hope that you have had the same experience as well. And as we’ve gone through now 25 episodes, which I still can’t believe I am excited to really dive deeper and give you even more value. So we’re going to be taking this episode these episodes and doing something a little bit different in the fall. And so I wanted to spend some time this summer to really curate and craft and bring on some guests, same as I’ve been, but really give you some action steps that you can step away with, what are some things that you can take action on. Now, if you’re looking to redesign your office space, you want to have healthier, better meals for your kids, you’re trying to plan that perfect dream vacation, you want to have better communication with your spouse, you want to have that dream job, all the things, I still want to share important stories of how my friends, family colleagues have done and accomplish this. But I also want to make sure we’re giving you some tactical things that you could put into action things that you can do today to help you take those next steps. And so I’m working on a whole new guest list. And I’m so excited and changing up the with the interviews happen so that you could step away with actions that you can actually do.

I hope you like it. And if you have topics or questions or things that you would love support on, please, please please let me know Sammy at easy style with I’d love to hear some of the things it’d be helpful for you to hear on this podcast. And that’s S A M i Easy style see me. Now this summer, I’m going to be working on the podcast. But I’m also really just taking stock and inventory of the things that are on my plate, the things that I’m doing what I want to be doing, and really just taking the advice from my previous guests. So make sure you go back and listen to all the past episodes and hear from all of my friends on where they’re getting their personal development from some of the quotes and feedback that they’ve been giving how that they are communicating, how they’ve stood up for themselves, how they’ve made choices for themselves, how they’ve, what they stand for, what they don’t stand for, and how they’ve kind of crafted and continue to evolve in their lives to get to the best life that they want to live the life of their dreams, whatever that looks like for you. So I’ll be working on that this summer as well. We’ve been in a whole lot of transition in the last four years, all of us and so it’s time to really take a pause and reevaluate kind of what we’re doing. I loved you know, Katy, I talked talking about that in her episode about how after COVID She had to shut down a lot of the things that she was working on. And you know, when when things start opening up, and she could do more events like really figuring out like, do I want to do this anymore? Is this something I care about? So I love that? I’m taking that advice in for myself as well. I loved Emily’s feedback just from last week talking about how she crafted her own life and did her own career path while having family even when people were like are you sure you want to do this?

I loved what Lisa duck shared about how you can go into an industry like direct sales and still do the business the way that you want to do it might not be the easiest, it might not be the way that everybody else is doing it, but that you can totally do it. And I really just loved all the conversations that I’ve had with people about how they have just moved through life on their own terms. It’s inspiring and it is a continual practice and evolution. So I hope that you do the same in your life who take inspiration from these episodes, and continue to move forward. So while I’m gone, don’t you worry there will still be blog posts coming up every week on easy style with Sandy so make sure you check that out. You can watch more of us on our YouTube channel and watch past episodes. What listen to past episodes I will still be here for you on our Facebook page on our Instagram. So make sure you hang out with us all summer long. I can’t wait to hear what your plans are all summer long. But have a blast and we will be back in September with amazing new episodes every single week. Thank you so much for being with us during this pause 25 episodes I’ve learned so much it has been fantastic and so much fun and I can’t wait to come back and have more fun right alongside you. So remember style is easy when it comes from within. I am here for you here with you. I am your biggest cheerleader, and I will see you in September.

It’s summer time. That means schedules are busy, vacations are on deck, kids are home. That means its break time for the Easy Style with Sami pocast. We are officially on episode 25 and have loved every second of it. We have learned so much from our guests.

The goal of this podcast is to inspire you to live your best ilfe, on your own terms. We are working on bringing more guests on that can help share there stories and also give actionable steps in an area of their expertise.

Have topics you’d love to learn more about? Shoot us an email – we’d love to hear about it.

We hope you have a great summer – see you in September!