(re)Launching a Direct Sales Business

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Each month feels like a cycle. You start your month feeling strong, motivated and ready to go. Then, as time passes, you might feel your energy waning. Sales aren’t coming in like you thought, you’re getting more no’s than you’d like, or you feel like you’re too far away from your next promotion. When the last week of the month comes, there’s another big push to make it happen and get those sales in. All-in-all the cycle is exhausting!

What if you could have a consistent business that you could rely on? It might still have ups and downs, but you know that you are doing the work regularly instead of feeling the roller coaster!

If you have a brand new business, or are considering it, this post is for you too. You’ll learn some strategies for launching your business for the first time.

Throw a launch party

Time to kick it off and celebrate that you’ve taken this step in direct/social selling. Work with your enroller and schedule your launch party. Share your excitement and favorite products. Most importantly, let people get to know you!

If you’re re-launching, find a reason to celebrate. Maybe it’s your birthday month or an anniversary with your company. It could also be as simple as creating a theme around something you’re obsessed with…like tacos! 🌮 

Create a unique offer

If you already have a customer base, then you probably have people that haven’t ordered from you in a while. Come up with an offer to bring them back into the mix, or at least start a conversation. 

Here are a few ideas:

💙 bonus gift with purchase.
💙 free shipping on your order.
💙 double hostess rewards if you are a previous customer.

Run the numbers and figure out what you can do within your budget. Then send these out via email and/or direct messages depending on where your customer prefers to engage.

Its a numbers game

It is commonly said that direct sales is simple, but not easy! Meaning that the core of the business is in conversations and relationship building. What isn’t easy is having ALL the conversations. At the end of the day it’s a numbers game. The more people you have conversations with the more likely you’ll make sales, add team members, and hit your goals.

Come up with a goal for yourself for how many conversations you’ll have each day. This could be in person or virtual! Make sure to include a combination of check ins with current customers as well as new people.

Color Street has their Color 10 strategy. I also love the 3 + 3 + 3 strategy I learned from Becky Launder at Modern Direct Seller.* Whatever you do, it’s the consistency that makes a difference. Give it time!

Shift your mindset and build your why

Create the mantras you need to pump you up and encourage yourself to keep pushing forward. When you start to feel overwhelmed or upset with nos, pull them out and say them to yourself! 

🤩 Nos are a future opportunity for a yes.
🤩 I’m offering a great opportunity.
🤩 I can run my business my way.

Solidify your why to go along with your mantras. This will remind you and motivate you of what you’re working towards. If you’re new to this business, this is a great time to write it down and post it near where you work. If you’ve been at this for a while, revisit it. It may have changed!


Getting back to basics will help you (re)launch your business. It doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Get started with consistency and get the ball rolling. Once the momentum starts building it’ll be hard to stop.