Nail Care Routine for Healthier Nails

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You probably have a skincare routine, a workout regimen, a morning routine to start ramping up your work day. But do you have a nail care routine?

Before Color Street I didn’t really think about my nails too much. They were healthy enough and I didn’t really use polish because it always chipped and looked sloppy. Now, I’m taking care of my nails and hands just like I am my face and rest of my skin. Here is my regular routine.

When I Remove My Manicure

The big change in my routine really starts with a new manicure. I love that Color Street lasts on my nailes for 10-14 days. And with the addition of these few steps, it’s lasting even longer!! Typically I’m changing my mani because I’m excited about a new set I want to put on, not because I need to.

First I use a non-acetone nail polish remover. My go to is Color Streets but any non-acetone remover will work. Grab my tips for how to remover you Color Street strips!

Once my polish is removed I tend to wait about 24 hours before putting on a new set just go allow my nails to breathe a bit. So the last step is to put on some cuticle oil to keep them moisturized. But more on that in a future step!

I love to take advantage of my naked nails and use that as a time to really care for my cuticles. I keep a rubber cuticle pusher in my shower and gently push my cuticles back as one of the last things I do in the shower. This is because they will be soft and I minimize the risk of hurting them.

The last thing I do after I remove a mani is cut my fingernails. For me, I like shorter nails. When I can feel them clicking on my keyboard that’s when I know they’re getting a little long. This is the perfect time to trim them and shape them.

Before a New Manicure

There isn’t a lot of prep work before I put on a mani, which I love! In fact, I don’t like to put anything on my hands at least an hour before I put on my Color Street strips so that I don’t mess with the strips adhering to my nail beds.

If I have some time between my manis I like to shape my fingernails before I put new strips on. I prefer to use a glass nail file. It actually helps to seal the tips of your nails and prevents breakage and chipping.

When I’m ready to put on a new mani I start with the Color Street nail stregnther. I use it as base coat for my manicure and it helps keep my nails healthy. I have also noticed that it helps with the longevity of my manicure, especially on the tips.

After I put on my nail strips I let them cure for at least an hour or so. Then the final step is the cuticle oil again. I use the cuticle oil on my cuticles and on the sides of my nails as well.


What’s Your PersoNAILity?

Your nails are a great place to show your personality! Take this short quiz to learn which mani type you are!


When it comes to my daily nail care it is simple and easy. In the morning, when I’m done with my skin care routine, I put on cuticle oil. This helps keep my nails and cuticles moisturized and healthy. I try and do the same at bedime when I do my skincare routine, but if I’m being honest, I’m not as consistent at bedtime!

It is also important for me to keep my hands moisturized. I love a great lotion that absorbs quickly and doesn’t smell too strongly. I have been loving my Color Street hand lotion. Plus, your hands are the first to really show signs of aging so I’m trying to help combat that with the anti-aging properties of this lotion.


My nail care routine isn’t complicated. But it does help with keeping my mani last long and my hands and nails to feel better. Let me know what you have in your nail care routine!!!