Nail and Hand Care Routine with Color Street

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Hey there, gorgeous! 👋 Are you ready to give your nails the royal treatment they deserve? With Color Street’s fabulous hand and nail care product line, you can achieve that salon-quality look right at home. Let’s dive into a nail and hand care routine that will leave you feeling like a million bucks! 💅✨

Step 1: Smooth Moves 🛠️

Prep your nails to perfection with the Ridge-Filling Nail Primer. It’s the secret to a flawless polish application, smoothing out any little bumps or ridges. This primer will help strenghthen nails, hide imperfections, promote resilience, and enhance overall nail health.

If you don’t have ridges in your nails, then our nail strengthener is a great option.  We have two options to fit your preference!

The liquid Nail Strengthener is a brush on polish. It helps to strengthen and harden your nails while preventing breakage.  It will give more of a shiny finish with a focus on hardening your nails. This can be used as a base or top coat with your nail strips.

Your other option is the Strengthening Nail Serum. This formula is applied with a brush from a tube. This formula focuses on strenghtening, moisturizing, and absorbs into the nail bed. It dries quickly. This is meant to be worn inbetween your manis and should not be used when you have nail strips on.

Step 2: Strut Your Style 🌈

Now for the fun part—pick your favorite Color Street nail strips and apply them with confidence. Whether you’re feeling bold, playful, or chic, there’s a shade or pattern just for you.

 Or, if you are simiply wanting to work on your nail care, skip this step and keep your nails bare! Whatever style you’re into is perfect.

Step 3: Matte Magic or Glossy Glam? ✨

Choose your finish to further customize your look. Go for a matte look with the Matte Top Coat. Use the Plumping Top Coat to enhance the durability and give a gel-like high shine finish. Repurpose the Nail Strengthener for additional strength and protection. Or leave them as is! All options seal in your style and add that extra oomph!

Step 4: Cuticle Love 💖

Show some love to those cuticles. There are two products you can choose from.

Our Cuticle Oil is applied with. abrush and condition s your cuticles. If using with nail strips, make sure they have dried fully before applying. If you need more hydration then the Restorative Nail and Cuticle Cream is the way to go. You can also use this with your nail strips on. This formula provides immediate hydration but also prolonged moisturazation, while also supporting nail strength.

Apply daily to ensure optimal cuticle health.

Step 5: Quench Your Skin’s Thirst 🧴

It’s not all about your nails. We want to keep our hands soft and looking young so we can let our manis shine! Color Street Hand Lotion is like a drink of water for your skin, leaving it oh-so-soft and smooth without any stickiness. It is super lightweight, non-greasy, and has a very light scent.

Keep it in next to your desk, in your purse, or by your kitchen sink, so you have it handy whenever you need it. 

Step 5: Off with Ease 🧼

When it’s time for a change, the Nail Polish Remover is your gentle yet effective sidekick, whisking away your nail color and prepping for your next adventure. This non-acetone formula is made specifically for Color Street nail strips. It allows you to easily remove your nail strips while also adding moisture to your nails.

There you have it, my friends—a complete nail and hand care routine that’s easy, fun, and totally doable at home. With Color Street, you’re not just pampering yourself; you’re stepping up your nail game! So go ahead, treat those hands and nails to some love—they’ll thank you with every fabulous flick and wave. 💕🙌