My Travel Office Must Haves

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My office isn’t pretty right now, but I have everything I need and I know where everything is. Now that I’m packing up for a few weeks, I have to pack up all the things I might need. As I’m packing it all up I thought I’d share my list of essentials with you in case any of them can help you with your organization and productivity!

Let’s start with the main staples! Then I’ll break down some things that are business specific.

Core Office Elements

1️⃣ My laptop and monitor

If I’m going on a long weekend then I can live with just my laptop. However, for longer stints a second monitor is critical. If I’m being real, I never have less than 20 tabs open on my webs browser, and having to screens to go back and forth on info is so helpful.

2️⃣ Mouse and keyboard – I think this pretty normal and easy…right?

3️⃣ Microphone

Because of the podcasts I record, my microphone goes with me everywhere. Its not that hard to take with me and makes a big difference in the quality of the episodes. Even though Easy Style with Sami is on summer break, I’m still going to be recording new episodes that launch in September.

4️⃣ My light

You never know what the lighting is going to look like where you’re at. I love taking my light with me so I can show up feeling more confident with my virtual calls and podcast recordings.

5️⃣ Business Cards – you never know who you might meet!!!!

6️⃣ Full Focus Planner

This is how I keep my brain organized. Without it I can’t keep my running list of tasks! It’s also where I take all my notes from meetings that I can eventually put into ClickUp, my project management tool.

Color Street Essentials

I’m so thankful for the fact that storing and shipping Color Street product doesn’t take up too much space. That being said, building and growing my business means I have to have a few things on hand at all times.

Here are the things that I have to have with me when I travel for longer durations.

1️⃣ My Stash

You never know when a customer may need something and I want to be able to ship it out in a timely fashion. I also love to spoil my customers. You never know when a goodie package is going to show up in your mailbox! 😍

2️⃣ Samples

The beauty of the product is in trying it. I always have samples on hand that I can hand out when someone compliments my mani. I like to pack some extras so I can replenish what I carry in my purse. I always have them premade so it’s easy to hand out everything in one convenient package.

3️⃣ Shipping Materials

For me this includes:

  • cards and envelopes
  • bubble mailers
  • note cards
  • fun elements I like to include in my mail (stickers, motivational quotes, etc)

I don’t bring too many because most of these elements I can order from Amazon in a pinch and they aren’t overly expensive.

4️⃣ My Scale

It’s super lightweight and means I can still ship packages without having to go to the post office.

Digital Marketing Tools

Luckily for the consulting side of the business, I don’t need much. Everything pretty much runs online so I can do it from any device in any location. I guess that’s a bit of a double edged sword. 😂


While being away from homebase for a period of time can be stressful, with careful planning you can still have everything you need to be productive. I love the creativity a new location can bring. Making sure I have everything I need to execute is crucial!

What did I miss? Let me know your favorite business tools you can’t live without.