My Summer Skincare and Makeup Staples

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We’re prepping to leave our house for 5 weeks. My kids have a variety of activities in our old hometown so we’re just going to hang there for a bit. Its a small town so we can’t get all the brands we typically use. That means prepping ahead and getting all the products myself and my teenage daughter will need for the trip.

Since I just went through all my products I thought I’d share with you what I’m loving and using daily.

Skincare Routine

Ever since I really revamped my skin care routine I’ve been loving it. I wasn’t someone who thought I needed all the things, but once I started my skin felt and looked so much better. Here is my current skincare product list.

Step 1: Cleanse with Hydrating Rose Face Wash from Lemongrass Spa Products

Step 2: Toner with Rose Water Facial Mist from Lemongrass Spa Products

Step 3: Skin serum with All Bright C Serum from BeautyCounter

Step 4: Moisturize with Botanical Rose Facial Lotion

Step 5: Moisturize my eyes with Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream

Step 6: Sunscreen with Countersun Daily Sheer Defense for Face from BeautyCounter

Flower Power Trio Lemongrass Spa products
Color Street Cheeck products

Makeup Routine

I don’t wear a lot of makeup but always feel more put together when I have the basics on. Especially with all the video calls I’m on. Now that Color Street has more makeup options it’s even easier to get that perfect look I’m going for! My standard day look is always the same and these are the products I use.

  • Primer | Illuminating Primer from Lemongrass Spa.
  • Foundation | I like a loose powder foundation. Currently I’m using one from Lemongrass Spa.
  • Bronzer (I use for my cheeks and my eyes)| Posh from Color Street
  • Blush | Bashful from Color Street
  • Creme highlighter | Superstar from Color Street
  • Eyeliner – brown and usually whatever I have on hand from my Ipsy bag
  • Mascara – black and same as the eyeliner! 😂
  • Lips | Color Street Lip Primer and Lip Balm

This simple routine takes me about 5 minutes and ready to go. I especially love that I can build on it and add more if I need to.

Quick list of my favorite brands!!!

Color Street
Lemongrass Spa Products


At the end of the day, remember to clear out your products on a regular basis. Your skin changes with the seasons and you don’t want to be putting old product on your face. Hit me up with your favorite products! I’d love to check them out.