How To Shift Into a New Routine

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Now that school is starting, it means that another shift in schedules is about to happen. There are several times a year when this happens. Usually around kids activities (sports and theatre), school schedules and even sometimes shifts in my husband’s work schedule. Sometimes, there are even short-term shifts that happen when I’m in a big launch or planning a big event. 

As someone who likes a plan and control, I have come up with some ways to help me move through the changes in routine to ensure the non-negotiable get done. Nothing is ever perfect, but at least this helps me move through with more ease.

Live through it first – if you can

One thing I’ve learned is that things are never what they seem. It’s hard to know how the day will flow. Trying to build everything out without knowing what it’s actually going to look like can cause more stress.

Instead, I try and go through a few days to see how it really plays out. For example, what does the school pick up and drop off line really look like! 😂 😂 Plus, it takes about a week to see what the full routine looks like!

Block time for non-negotiables

Once I have an idea of what the day looks like, then I block in the time for things that I know I have to. Kids activities, pick ups and drop offs, standing meetings, etc. Because people can schedule time with me through my scheduler, it’s critical that I have these on my calendar.

Figure out my daily routine

Now that I have a better idea of what my day looks like I can adjust my daily routine. In the summer I can typically sleep in a little later. Once school starts, its back to 5:30 am wake up! For me personally, I work better in the morning. For you, this might be working a little later in the evening. Whatever works for you is what you should do!

I also like to take this as an opportunity to review my overall schedule. I like to review the days I take meetings and ensure I can block off enough time in my day to get all the critical elements done.


As a mom, I tend to try and take it all on myself. Bringing the family together to talk through the shift in schedule altogether can be hepful. For example, what time do people want to be woken up, bathroom schedules, and any adjustments to their daily routines. Shifts in schedule affect everyone in the household so ensure everyone is heard and has what they need.

Give yourself grace

Remember that you can change your mind! As things keep moving forward you might find that adjustments need to be made. Have some grace for yourself. Don’t feel like you have to stick with the plan just because it’s the plan. Things change and evolve, and as long as you are communicating with your household then you can eventually shift the routine to be the best for all parties involved!