How I Pick My Color Street Manis

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The pros of a great Color Street mani is that they can last 10-12 days. The con is that they last 10-12 days. I often change my manis before I have to because I love changing them up.

On top of that, my stash is getting a little out of control 😂 and at times it can be overwhelming to figure out what to put on. After all – how will I know what my mood is going to be for the next 10-12 days!

First things first – my in between mani routine!

While you don’t have to take a break in between manis, I like to take a day or two off. This way I can apply nail strengthener 2 times per day for a couple of days. Then I can give my nails a good trim.

Now on to the decision!

It starts, for me, with thinking about what I have coming up the next couple of weeks. Are there any holidays or special occasions? Any important life events like sporting events or graduations? Those make the decision easy!

However, most weeks are regular weeks so then I think about what work things I have coming up. Do I want to be flashy or do I need to be a bit more subdued? I also consider the amount of time and effort I want to put into it. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a mixed mani, sometimes I want to do something quickly.

Then and only then do I go to my stash! I have mine organized by glitter, solids, nail art, etc. I can easily sift through and see what might be a good option. 

When I’m really stuck I go to my VIP group and ask them for their opinion. They never let me down.

Always keep an extra set handy!

Once I have my mani on, I often keep some twosies nearby. You never know when you’re going to snag a nail or maybe you’re too hard on your nails. With a twosie handy I can put over any nails that are having a rough week. 


I know there is nothing in this post that isn’t obvious. I’ve been stuck in analysis paralysis several times and hope that some of these tips will help you from doing the same.