Getting Comfortable with Networking Events

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Networking events are back in full force, so what’s stopping you from going to them? Networking and talking with strangers is a muscle that needs to be flexed once in a while to feel comfortable. With a few quick tips you can feel comfortable at any event, big or small!

These tips were originally recorded for the Digital Marketing Therapy podcast.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode.

→ Tips for maneuvering through networking events
→  The best way to follow up with potential donors
Ways to build meaningful relationships with people
Mentoring other organizations that are below you

My hope is these tips will encourage you to get out there and make more connections. You never know what one conversation can do for you in your business. 

No need for networking events? That’s ok! You can also use some of these tips for meeting new people and networking in your personal life as well!

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