Creating Time for Your Direct Sales Business

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The two most common objections I get to joining direct sales is, 1️⃣ I don’t know enough people, and 2️⃣ I don’t have time. In this blog post I’m going to address the second point.

The biggest thing to remember is that we all have the same amount of time in a day. We also all have multiple things drawing our attention. It is all in how we prioritize our days and our what is most important us.

Start with your why

Your why will help you prioritize. This can include things like: your family, trips that you want to take, a house you’re saving up for, or any dream you have for your life. Reminding yourself about your why is the best way to edit your life and make decisions. 

Break it out with each area of your life to get even more granular. What is your why for your job, for your personal life, for your direct sales business, AND for yourself. For example, I started my direct sales business because I believe in multiple streams income for stability. What is your why and could direct sales help get you closer to it?

Time track for a week

How we spend our time, in reality, is often very different than what we think. Take and track everything, and I mean everything! Remember that you do not need to share this with everyone so be brutally honest.

Once you see where you spend your time you might find more space for other income producing elements. Take stock of your time usage and align it with your why. Then its time to start eliminating things that won’t get you the life you want! Remember that NO is a full sentence.

Batch tasks

The other benefit to time tracking is that you can clearly see similar tasks you do multiple times a day or week. See if you can figure out a way to batch them and do them all at once. This could include things like:

  • paying bills.
  • scheduling social media posts.
  • checking and writing emails.
  • cleaning the house.
  • grocery shopping.
  • creating content.

The less you jump between tasks, the more effective you are!

Build your business your way

There are so many different ways you can build a direct sales business. You can do in home and/or virtual parties. Focus on selling on social media. Showcase at vendor events and farmers markets. Figure out what will work best with the time you have, your why and your skillset.

This is the best way to fit direct sales into your lfestyle. It is also a great way to not get overwhelmed. You will learn so many new things and ways to run your business. By starting off with what works for you it’ll be easier to work with your enroller on the best plan of attack.

Create consistency

Block time into your schedule to regularly work your business. What this ends up being is totally up to you, and may change over time. Figure out what your time allotment is and build in activities you can do during that time. It will be easy to follow shiny objects and get distracted. Stay the course with your plan and layer in once you get consistent with your strategy.

The hardest part of direct sales is comparison. That’s why understanding what you want out of your business is critical to avoiding overwhelming and over extending yourself. Hopefully your team will have all sorts of training available to you. That doesn’t mean you need to do it all right now! Come back to it when you have capacity to add more.


While flexibility can be hard to navigate, if you take these steps into account you’ll be able to set up your business in a way that makes that most sense for you. This will also allow you to be more successful because you’ll do what feels good to you instead of what feels right for someone else. Direct sales can be an extremely rewarding option and I truly hope you’ll consider it!