Creating that Perfect Mixed Mani

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One of the things I love about Color Street is how easy it is to customize and make your manicure just as unique as you are. With all the different styles, it can be tricky to figure out what to use, which to mix, how to layer! I’m giving you all the best tips for making that perfect mixed mani from myself and other stylists that have taught me.

Tip #1 – Use Accent Nails

I love using our accent nails as a quick and easy way to create that mixed mani look. They come in a variety of colors and are perfect for adding one or two accent nails. While you can’t purchase these individually you never know when these will show up in your mailbox from your favorite stylist. 😉 I love sharing these with my VIPs for playing fun games and interacting in my VIP group.

Color Street manicure with She's a Trooper, Amazing Greige and Flower Power

Tip #2 – Use a Clear Art Overlay

We have SO many options with our clear overlays that you can immediately create a mixed mani. Wether you’re looking for some animal prints, chevron or horzintal lines, there are always multiple options for you to choose from.

Bonuse tip: make it even more custom by double layering your overlay or change direction and do them sideways.

Tip #3 – Google for inspiration

One of the things I love about Color Street are all the options. Go to Pinterest or Google and search for manicures. You’ll find tons of different ideas. Then just match it up with the Color Street shades and off you go.

Tip #4 – Try layering

We have several sets that are thinner than others and make the perfect unique look when doubled over another shade. For example, Tokyo Lights by itself is gorgeous, but put it over the top of another solid and you can totally change the look. To the right you can see how Tokyo Lights changes when layered over London Calling vs Deep Diving.

Another layering look is pulling from our Double Agent collection. The four shades each create a unique look from adding a shimmer to changing the color to adding glitter. 

Tip #5 – Cut your Strips

Want to make a fun look that’s as creative as you? One great way to make a fun mixed mani is to get a set of Clear as Day. They are completely clear strips and are great for laying out your mixed mani and putting them on in one easy application. Simply cut the strips and put them over the top of Clear as Day. Once you have them looking like you want then you can peel off the backing and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to peel off the top plastic cover first before you start to lay out your design.

Color Street Manicure with London Calling and Tokyo Lights
Color Street with Deep Diving, floral Obligation and Tokyo Lights

What’s Your PersoNAILity?

Your nails are a great place to show your personality! Take this short quiz to learn which mani type you are!

Tip #6 – Get Together with Friends

Everyone loves an excuse for a girls night in, at least I do! Have all your friends over and encourage everyone to bring a set. Then you can all share them and make your own fun mixed mani. You don’t have to open a bunch of your own sets and its a great way to try out sets you don’t have in your collection. 

Color Street Manicure with Rose Goes, Tokoy Lights and nail tape

Tip #7 – Try Nail Tape

Nail tape goes on like the whiteout rollers. It’s easy to use, very inexpensive and great for adding flair when you don’t want to cut up strips. I love to order mine from Amazon.


Make sure to share you mixed manis with me in my VIP group. I love getting inspired by the incredible ideas you come up with.

Whatever you put in your mixed mani, it’s all about your unique style and what makes you happy when you look down at your hands!

Bonus Video on Creating that Mixed Mani