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[Intro] Welcome to Easy Style with Sami. I’m your host Sami Bedell-Mulhern. Each episode, I invite a friend, family member or colleague or just someone I’ve met on this journey called life to come and share their personal style and approach to business, parenting, life and everything in between. You’ll hear motivational and inspirational stories that will help you refine and build your own personal style. Remember, style is easy when it comes from within.

[Sami Bedell-Mulhern] So by now, hopefully, if you listen to one or two of the easy style with Simi podcasts, and so this week’s guest is me, I figured if you have been enjoying and listening to the conversations that we’ve been having, so far, it’s only pertinent that I introduce myself and share a little bit about my story and the inspiration behind this podcast. My name is Sami Bedell-Mulhern. And I am the host and creator of easy style with Sami. And it has been a journey to get here. And I have to say, this wasn’t necessarily where I thought I would land or part of where I thought it would land. I have been in the nonprofit space almost my entire career. And, you know, have really just been a fan of multiple streams of income and creating different opportunities. So they are not reliant on any one set of things. And so for me, that has meant a bunch of different things. I have worked for tons of different nonprofit organizations, I have worked for corporate I have worked for myself, I have had my consulting business, I have digital products. And then a year and a half, almost two years ago, I decided to add in direct sales. And I love all of it for very different reasons. But it all is just in line with what I love at the end of the day. And what I would say is the word that describes my personal style, which is collaboration. I love to collaborate, I love working with other coaches and consultants, I love working with other direct sellers inside my own company and outside, I love networking and working with people in my community. Because here’s the thing that I have learned, you never know where a conversation is going to lead you. And so until you have that conversation with someone, you don’t really know what they might be able to help you with, or what you might be able to help them with you don’t know who people know, and how they know them and how we’re all connected. There are so many different ways that we can build and grow. But I love collaboration. But more specifically, I love having conversations and listening, asking questions, and then listening to see what the people are sharing with you so that you can continue that conversation instead of pitching. And I did a whole podcast on this on my digital marketing therapy podcast. So if you want to know how listening can help you build your marketing strategy, definitely check that one out. Shameless plug, I’ll link it up in the show notes. But I love having conversations and building networks, because that has how I’ve built my business and gotten introduced to some incredible and amazing people. Collaborations helped me have more growth and more authenticity in that group. Because the people that I’m collaborating with aren’t just other businesses, they’re friends of mine. They’re people who I know how they run their businesses, I know the product that they’re selling, I trust it and want to use it myself. And so it’s something that I don’t mind sharing with my audiences. And that has really been something that has helped me and it’s helped others. And there’s so many different ways that you can collaborate from guest podcasting, every podcast episode that we have here is this sort of collaboration. We do all sorts of affiliate programs and sharing each other’s products and services, joining each other’s groups, adding value, but that’s the thing, they all end up leading with value. And that’s where my collaborations have been so positive and have felt good, regardless of the outcome. Now, obviously, we want to have a good outcome, whether that be growth in sales, whether that be growth in our email list, whether that just be bigger visibility, whatever that might be more attendees. But when you come from a place of core values, and understanding the people that you’re working with, and trusting the people that you’re working with, and then trusting you, that’s when everything is a win. And so that’s how I have built my business and my personal style within that business. And it’s kind of just conversations that I have. So for example, two things, two examples that I’ll share with you. I have been in direct sales, like I said for almost two yours and inside of that company in our little team group, it’s a little in our team group, I, most Mondays go in and share a marketing tip. Now during that time, some people have reached out to me asked me additional questions. And I’ve made friendships inside of people or in with people that are on my direct team. And it’s been great to the point where someone reached out to me and said, Hey, I’ve loved your trainings, I know we’re both in the nonprofit space, because I’m friends with you on Facebook, I would love to have you come in and teach or coach or train because I trust you. So in a situation where it wasn’t a marketing space, necessarily just me showing up and providing value, because it’s something I love to do, I made a connection in my marketing business. Another example is I was going to the chiropractor and going to the chiropractor on a fairly fairly regular basis, I’ve got some neck issues that I’m working through from a previous injury. And I, you know, my, my chiropractor has made some comments about my product, and I say, oh, yeah, I saw that, I’d be happy to bring you a sample. So you never know where conversations are going to happen, where new customers are going to come from. It’s just about showing up and being real and being you and that’s how I like to show up in all of my businesses. And it’s why so many of my customers have become friends of mine and have no problem referring me to their friends and family. Because it’s real, it’s true. And it’s genuine, comes from listening, getting to know people, and really carrying and showing up as who you are. And you’re going to hear a lot of that in these episodes as we go through the podcast. Who are you? And how do you show up as you and that’s what’s going to help you with determining all of the things but whatever personal style it is in your home, in your personal life in your professional life as a parent, all of the things coworker. And that’s what I love so much about doing these episodes. Now, I’m gonna keep this one short, because when it comes to me, uh, talking by myself, it’s very awkward, and I don’t really like it all that much. So we’re gonna jump in to the questions that I asked at the end of every episode, because I’m not going to keep myself out of it. So where is my go to for information or personal development, I love a good mastermind. I’m in one of my direct sales business. I’m in one in my professional business. And then I’m also, of course, a chamber member in my local community. And I love having those pockets of space where I can go for resources. Again, it’s all about trusting people, right? I’ve picked the programs that I’m in because I trust the people that are leading it. And I know that the people that they have inside their program are great. And the advice and the information that I’ve gotten is amazing, it’s perfect. And it’s everything that I need. Am I an introvert or an extrovert, I would consider myself an extroverted introvert. I’ve always thought I’ve been an extrovert. But after COVID and realizing how much I liked be at home, I also started to realize how much being out at big public events when I come home, I’m exhausted, and how I need to rest and recharge, I never really understood that piece. But now I’m definitely much more aware of that and pay attention to that when I’m doing it my schedule. So same, like if I have a lot of recordings or meetings in a day, it wears me out. What’s one thing that is on my goal list for the upcoming year. This podcast is a big one, even though I’m kicking it off at the beginning of the year. But I’m also just really excited about some quarterly workshops that I have going on in the marketing side of my business. It’s a little mini virtual trainings that we’re doing around website design and development around content creation, email marketing, and all of those things. So launching that is definitely a big one and trying to sell those out. That’s a big goal for me this year, what is a favorite piece of advice that I’ve gotten? Now this is something that has people have different feelings on it. The thing that has stuck with me is fake it till you make it and not fake it for me it’s not fake in the sense of like, pretend like you don’t have the skills or you know, like she just lie through what you can and cannot do. It’s more to have trust in yourself that you’re going to grow into it. So for example, in my marketing business, I don’t work with like, huge corporations. That’s not my target audience. That’s not who I want to work with. That’s not where I find joy. But I slowly step myself up right each year or as we decide if we want to build in a certain skill set or grow in a certain area. We up level and we continue to grow and the clients that we have continued to grow with us which is really really fun. Um, I also like fake it till you make it from the standpoint of how we show up in the world. So even if you’re not a multimillion dollar company who has everything all figured out, perception is reality. And so how can we show up as if we’ve already made it so that people have more trust and faith in us because we are amazing at what we do. And we need to be putting it out in the world. I hope that makes sense. What is a non negotiable in my life, um, I this is something super simple. And I’ve said this on another podcast, but I really try my best to do family dinners. That’s a non negotiable, non negotiable for me. They don’t always happen right now my kids are at an age where they don’t have a ton of like late night activities. So we typically have dinner together. And yes, most of the time, we’re watching TV or whatever. But that time together is really important to me. And it’s just nice for us all to be in the same space no matter what’s going on. So like I said, shorter episode today, because I don’t want to talk to you all about myself for 20 minutes. It’s awkward, but I did want to introduce you to me and my style and approach when it comes to my business and how I work with others. I hope you liked it. And I hope you continue to listen to some incredible stories that are coming in the pipeline. Episodes are released on Thursdays currently. And you can grab them wherever you stream. So make sure you leave us a review and give us a five star rating if you like what you hear so that we can continue to show up for more people and inspire them to find their own personal style and live their best lives. You can find more information in the show notes at easy style was Sammy is S A M i and I can’t wait to see you in the next one.

Doesn’t matter what industry or what role I’ve had, collaborations have always made a big impact on my business and personal life. You never know who people know, how they can support you and what resources they have to share. I couldn’t imagine my business without collaboration. In fact, it is how I have all these amazing guests on this very podcast!

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  • How collaborating has helped me grow my businesses.
  • Building a network of support.

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[8:26] One goal for the upcoming year.
[9:03] Piece of advice that has stuck with me.
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