15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Color Street

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Color Street is only five years old (as of 2022) but its history goes back much further! My guess is that you don’t know all of these 20 facts about Color Street, the founder, the product and what’s coming for the future.

#1 – Fa Park, our Founder

Fa Park came to the US from Korea on a music scholarship. When he saw. awoman trying to pain her nails with liquid polish in a towncar on the streets of NYC, he was inspired and knew their had to be another way. So he started the long journey of creating Color Street nail strips.

#2 – Made in the USA

From start to finishe, Color Street products are Made in the USA, Clifton, NJ to be exact. This includes R&D (more on that later), packaging and product creation. The home office team is also based in Clifton and all the marketing, product design, training and more come out of that office.

#3 – Real Nail Polish

Each strip contains a base coat, polish layer and top coat all in one. That makes it really fast and easy to apply and helps with the longevity of the manicure.

#4 – Meet our Female Chemist

    Color Street is constantly come up with new designs, products and it’s all done in house. Our lead chemist is also feale which I think is pretty awesome!

    #5 – Easily Removed with Nail Polish Remover

      Because Color Street is real nail polish, it comes of with any nail polish remover. We definitely recommend a non-acetone remover to keep your nails healthy, but any nail polish remover will work. Check out this blog post for more tips on how to remove Color Street strips.

      #6 – Require no Tools to Apply

        The only tools you need are your thumbs! No UV lights, crazy nail tools, or other fancy equipment required.

        #7 – Last 10+ Days

          They go on in 10 minutes and will last 10+ days which is incredible. Using the nail strengthener first and an additional top coat like Clear as Day can help extend the wear as well.

          #8 – Contain Top Coat and Base Coat in Each Strip

            You won’t need to spend all this time with multiple layers to complete you beautiful look. Each strip contains a top coat and base coat to make things quick and easy.

            #9 – Only Sold through Social Selling

              There is nothing that sells Color Street better than when people see the product in action live and in person. That is one of the reasons that Mr. Park went with a direct sales model for his company. Have. you been looking to take your Color Street obsession to the next level? Take my quiz What Kind of Color Street Stylist Are You?

              #10 – You can get Multiple Manis or Pedis from One Package

                Each package comes with two sets of 8 strips. They are in various sizes to fit all nail sizes. If you have shorter nails then you can double up on each nail for longer wear, use them on your toes, share with a friend or save them for later. Color Street only guarantees the quality with first use. However, if you want some tips for storing unused Color Strip sets I have that for you as well.

                What’s Your PersoNAILity?

                Your nails are a great place to show your personality! Take this short quiz to learn which mani type you are!

                #11 – Color Street is Also Available in Canada

                  We started in the US, and in 2021 expanded into Canada.  There are plans for future expansion but no official countries or dates yet!

                  #12 – Newly Released Nail Care Line

                    Having healthy nails is something we are passionate about. We don’t just want them to look pretty! In order to provide whole nail health, Color Street released a nail care line in 2022 that was fully developed by their in house R&D team. Check out my nail care routine and how I keep my nails healthy!

                    #13 – Color Street Foundation

                      The Color Street Foundation was established in 2018 and gives back to a variety of organizations each year. They commemorate their causes with special nail strips. As of July, 2022 they have donated $6 million, created 30 awareness campaigns and supported 66 charity partners. Learn more about the Color Street Foundation and their impact.

                      #14 – Incredible Support System

                        Building a direct sales business isn’t always the easiest. The team that surrounds us is incredible from my direct enroller all the way up to home office. I feel blessed to have all the training materials at my finger tips and also a group of incredible women to brainstorm with, troubleshoot and help me reach my goals. The friendships I’ve made since I started selling Color Street were totally unexpected but the most valuable!

                        #15 – Various Styles and Shapes

                          You’ll never get bored with the options that Color Street provides. They offer pedicures, glitters, solids, designs, french and sometimes even petities!