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Never stress about how your nails look again!

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What is Color Street?

Color Street is real nail polish dry strips that can be put in quickly and don’t require any dry time. 

Color Street nail strips can be put on in as little as 10 minutes and are removed with nail polish remover.

Get a salon style nail look at a fraction of the price (Color Street nails retail for $12- $16).

Want to try Color Street out for yourself? Register below to get a premium sample delivered to your door.

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*samples may not contain the same accent nails as pictured here.

Sami Bedell-Mulhern

About Me

In 2017 , I left my corporate job and decided to start my own digital marketing company. Meeting clients I always felt pressure to look the part as much as I talked the part.

I’m not someone that has spent a lot of time (or money) on my hair, makeup and nails, but always strive to look the part.

I was introduced to Color Street by my best friend, Tabitha, in March of 2021 and fell in love! It was such an easy way for me to keep my nails looking on point, which made me feel more pulled together and looking good!

I love that I can customize my nails to my personality, the holidays, my mood or whatever in an easy (and cost effective) way.

When I’m not working and playing with my nails I’m hanging out with my two kiddos, Elinor and Hudson, my husband Kelly, our dog Lulu and finding time to spoil myself.

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